Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fuck Affliction .

Guys should not wear bedazzled shirts, unless they're gay. Then bedazzle away to your heart's content.
What I'm saying is...I wear the sparkles and the glitter in this relationship....not you!

This particular set is titled FUCK AFFLICTION and was taken by Trenchcoat Joe.

I fucking love working with him because it's always fun and unpredictable, we love a good challenge and for some reason he has the ability to talk me into doing things for the camera that I don't normally do.

Our self-imposed challenge this time was to take dirty, gritty, naughty photos using only ONE small, handheld light. We got creative and I hope you love the results as much as I do!

Trench makes me feel sexy and amazing and after the shoot we may have ended up in the bathtub....but those photos are another story... Enjoy!

*NOTE* Each of these photos are available for SALE as autographed prints!

*click on a photo to see it all big and stuff!*

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wet 'n Wild!

Hello My Angels!

I hope everyone is geared up to have a wonderful weekend! I know I am! Tomorrow I leave town and head back to the set of Wayne Slaten's Forever & After to do some pickup shots. I'm pretty excited about this because I had such a wonderful time working with everyone the first go-round, it will be cool to have a mini-reunion!

I'm starting so many great projects in the next several months, I wish I could just hit the fast forward button and get started on all of them. There's one film in particular that I'm stoked about because I get to speak with an accent! That's all I'll say right now!

My life is getting more complicated as my little star begins to shine brighter and brighter, but I'm slowly learning to navigate these uncharted waters. I've worked very hard to get here and I just want to keep on growing as an entertainer and as a person. I'm very lucky to have the opportunity to follow my dreams.

Enough talk. Let's look at some sexy pictures.

*Click on a photo to see it all large and stuff*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Acts of Piracy!

While I vehemently disapprove of pirating music and films, I am totally cool with dressing like a Pirate and yelling "YARRRR!" at the top of your lungs.

It appears that winter has decided to give us one last death rattle. I'm so sick of cold weather I could puke. Give me sunshine and SPF! Give me tank tops and air conditioning! Give me 100 degrees, baby! I'm ready!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I'm an Irish girl (if you couldn't tell), but I can honestly say that once I did the research on St. Patrick's Day - I couldn't celebrate it anymore. I learned the truth. St. Patrick was an asshole. A messenger from the Catholic Church sent to Ireland to preach Christianity to the Pagans. And we all know that when Pagans don't want to convert, the Catholic Church says, "Oh really? I hope you like being slaughtered!" So wear your silly green outfits and drink your green beer. I'll be watching TV.

Now, the hypocrisy is not lost on me as I post these photos of myself dressed as a pirate for ROCBAR's Monthly Mayhem party. Pirates were pretty rotten. Dirty thieves, the lot of them. Not so charming and handsome as Johnny Depp.

Though, it's not piracy I celebrate, but rather, Pirate Fashion because let's face it....Pirates looked really cool.

Photos by Colt aka The Digital Mechanic

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

That's a Wrap!

People are always joking with me about how accident prone I am. I normally think they exaggerate, but even I have to admit that recently I have gotten my fair share of bumps and bruises. One friend, DougB, even suggested that I should be wrapped in bubblewrap.

This lit a spark of inspiration within me, so I got my friend and awesome photographer Stanford Moore on board and took the idea to a whole new level! I proudly give you....

Bubblewrap Couture!

Photos by Stanford Moore
Hair and Makeup by Roxy Vandiver (That's me, duh.)
Bubblewrap fashion made by Me and Stanford. Enjoy!

Check back soon for more hot sets from my photoshoot with Stanford!