Sunday, November 29, 2009


I am a shell of a person right now. Exhausted in every way a person can be. I've been working like crazy and apparently it's showing on me in ways I didn't even know.

I went to my usual massage place today and the therapist actually asked me if I was 'under the influence of something'. She said another massage therapist thought the same thing last time I came in. WTF?!? I was a little bit offended as I explained to her that I keep odd hours and simply roll out of bed when I come for a massage. I didn't know that paying money for an hour of relaxation required me to dress up and be really chipper. Sorry about that. Geezus.

In other news, I am a bit saddened by the fact that this season of the Texas Renaissance Festival has come to a close. I was able to make it up there 4 times this season and I had such fun. I can't wait until the Scarborough Faire outside of Dallas this spring!

Well, enough talk. Let's get down to business. There are tons of awesome photos to post! This set, which I like to call "Spectre" is from photographer Don Ritchson. Enjoy!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mr. Tibs

So, for the past several months I've been hearing this scratching and rustling sound coming from my attic. Oh great. There's a creature living up there. I've been too afraid to go up there and investigate so I decided to live in peace and harmony with the creature, whom I have affectionately been referring to as "Mr. Tibs".

Well, today Mr. Tibs went too far. He was being especially scratchy and making a bunch of racket, so I decided to arm myself with not one, but 2 flashlights and a long metal stick.

I climbed up into the attic and slithered my way into the furthest, darkest corner where I found two eyes staring back at me.

Mr. Tibs is an adorable little squirrel. He stood there frozen (like a squirrel in flashlights) before he ducked out of sight.

I don't know what to do. I think I've found his point of entry, but I don't want to wall him up inside and have him die a slow, miserable (and probably smelly) death.

I don't want to poison him. But I also don't want the little fucker chewing up my wires and insulation.

Sigh. What to do. For right now, I'm doing nothing. And Mr. Tibs will live to see another sunset.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I don't just make art, I AM Art.

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A shot by FlirtynFun Photography.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rob Zombie LIVE!

This week in leui of a traditional 'Photo of the Week', I've got a few awesome shots I took at the Rob Zombie concert! It was so kickass! I went with my best girl, Natalie and we rocked out! I have the biggest crush on Rob Zombie and I'm so glad I finally got to see his amazing live show!
*Special thanks to Troy from the band Leatherbal for hooking me up with these great tickets!

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Me and Rob. We're cool like that.


More Human Than Human!

The Original Hellbilly!

Natalie and I survived the craziest mosh pit!
Next week I promise to post a traditonally naughty Photo of the Week!