Sunday, June 5, 2011

Live to Love: Fans & Friends Interview !

Hello my Sweets!

The past 6 weeks have been hella awesomesauce! I was a featured guest at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas and then I did a red carpet and signing appearance at ComicPalooza Houston. I met so many cool new friends & fans, and also got to catch up with some old ones!
Every now then I like to do an interview made up entirely of questions submitted by friends & fans. I call it my "Finterview". Thank you to everyone who submitted a question! The whole interview is posted below...
But first, I want to share a piece of "Roxy-Art" that was gifted to me by a very talented artist out of Odessa. Inspired by the Venus, Billie Smith created this gorgeous piece of art. Please check him out on Facebook as well as Deviant Art.

*click on the photo for larger version*

And now I present: The Roxy Vandiver Summer 2011 Finterview!

1. Who is the coolest celebrity that you have either worked with, or met. And who is the biggest douchebag?
Submitted by Sam Wingo
That's a difficult one to answer! I've had the opportunity to meet some very cool celebs and even hang out with them. Probably the coolest experience was becoming buddies with Boondock Saints star Norman Reedus. I was hanging out in the back of a friend's hearse when Reedus crawled in and kissed me on the cheek! We ended up drinking and chatting all night. The following day, he introduced me to his Boondock Saints co-star Sean Patrick Flanery. We partied the night away and Flanery snatched my camera and snapped some sexy photos of me and my gal pal Kristen Diaz. A memorable night for sure! The biggest douchebag I ever met? Dave Chappelle. I bumped into him sitting on a bench outside of the Galleria in Houston. There was no one around. Just me and a girlfriend. I asked if he'd be in a photo with me and he said no. I was pissed because, it wasn't like I had interrupted the guy's dinner or something. He was sitting alone on a bench doing nothing. I hate when celebrities forget that fans are the reason they are rich and famous at all. I always take the time to pose with or sign photos for my fans.

2. Which body part of yours gets the most attention?
Submitted by Haren D D Yong
Believe it or not, more people compliment me on my hair than anything. I'm always being asked who did my hair, or how I did my hair, or how long it took. I often get asked if my hair is even real!

3. What's your favorite scar? You know, one you're really proud of.
Submitted by Sam Tera
I LOVE this question. My favorite scar would have to be the matching red dot-like scars I have on each bicep. I have them because I recently survived Spinal Meningoencephalitis. (Google it if you want to know what the hell that is.) I had to have a special I.V. in each arm. A Picc Line. A tube that goes inside your arms and reaches 18 centimeters directly towards your heart. These scars remind my how tough I am and that I'm a survivor.

4. How does it make you feel knowing that you touch people in ways that they have never been touched before and we love you and are addicted to Roxy Vandiver!!!
Submitted by Karl R. Goeddertz
It makes me feel flattered and grateful for each and every person whose life has been enriched by my art. My life is surreal at times. I have die-hard fans from all over the world. I've sent autographs to people on almost every continent, yet I'm totally anonymous at the neighborhood grocery store. It's bizarre in a way. I LOVE that people love me. I'm just a small town girl, but I've got BIG dreams.

5. You once commented [on Facebook] that you wanted to start a band. Who is your greatest musical influence and biggest inspiration?
Submitted by Amber Wingo
My greatest musical influence is definitely Madonna. I love my crazy rock music and I've seen some incredible live shows by Nine Inch Nails, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson and tons more, but when I saw Madonna on her Sticky & Sweet tour, I bawled my eyes out when she first came onstage. It was like looking at a goddess. I have old video tapes of me dancing around my parent's kitchen in a leotard to "Open Your Heart". I used to take down my mother's lace curtains and try to fashion them into a flamenco dancer dress like Madonna in the "La Isla Bonita" video. Madonna has been the Queen of her craft for over 25 years and I grew up wanting to BE her. She's like the female Elvis.

6. What's the craziest thing a fan has done that did not creep you out? Does anyone have a Roxy tattoo?
Submitted by Lee Francis
Crazy, but not creepy? Hmmm. That's hard. The crazy ones are usually creepy, so it's difficult to separate the two. I have one fan who bought a pair of panties that I wore in a film. I didn't find it creepy though. Hell, I'll sell all of my panties if the price is right! I think my tattoo artist Patrick has plans on using my image as a zombie pinup tattoo. He's mentioned it a few times, but as far as I know, no one has any Me-related tattoos...YET. Be pretty cool if someone did!

7. Marilyn Monroe, Vampire Roxy, or Tinkerbell. Which (of your ComicPalooza character's) can handle Ash's boomstick the best and why?
Submitted by Michael Carver
Haha! Well, in all seriousness, I think Vampire Roxy could definitely handle Ash's boomstick. She could use glamour to coerce Ash into using his boomstick however she pleases.

8. What hobby or obsession do you have that people raise an eyebrow at but still think is pretty cool?
Submitted by Erik Isaksen
Tattoos. I'm admittedly addicted to getting tattoos. I have 19 tattoos. (I think) They're cool because they represent freedom of expression, and let's face it, I have really great tattoos. But some people think my tattoos are a problem where my acting is concerned. My agent hates them! But I don't let it worry me. I work regularly and it's really not that difficult to cover them with the right makeup. Angelina Jolie does it. Some people think I'm nuts for having so many tattoos. Maybe I am...

9. Do you enjoy being where you are right now in life and being in the spotlight?
Submitted by David Bowiesan
I do enjoy it! I get to meet really cool people and I get the VIP treatment in a lot of places, but it has it's downsides. Once a lot of people know who you are, you become a target. Some people are cruel to me for no reason and I hate that. People forget that you're more than a photo on the internet or a character on a screen. I'm a person. Just like everyone else. I bleed when I get cut, I cry when I have a bad day, I care what people say about me. There is a video of me on YouTube posing for a photo session. Someone left a comment on it that said there was "No difference between me and an animal". I don't know what they were trying to say, but it doesn't seem good.

10. You're hanging out with me. You have a hammer, midget and roulette wheel. How do we spend our night on the town?
Submitted by Jason Whited
First we ask the midget to dress up as a leprechaun because it's funny. Then we set up our roulette wheel at a bar and start taking people's money. We use the hammer to put nails on the wall so we can hang up all the really great artwork we've purchased with our roulette money! And also, we're shitfaced drunk. You're dressed as Elvis and I'm dressed like Marilyn Monroe. We'd be unstoppable!

11. (IF) A movie is being made on the life of Gwen Stefani or Courtney Love and you were asked to audition for the lead role on the same day. Which one would you choose and why?
Submitted by Char Hardin
I would choose to play Courtney Love. I love Gwen, but Courtney's life story is much more interesting and gritty. I would love to go through that character arch. Starting out playing dive clubs with my band, then marrying a man who becomes a huge rockstar. Being a junkie with him. Dealing with his suicide and then blossoming into a respected musician and acclaimed film actress only to lose it all to drugs all over again. Can you imagine the intensity that would come with playing a role like that? I would love the challenge!

12. Does signing autographs still make you smile like it did the first time?
Submitted by Sam Martinez
I swear it never gets old. Every single time someone wants an autograph or photo with me, I am totally thrilled and grateful that there are people who want my autograph at all!

13. As an actress, do you like playing archetype/over-the-top roles or natural/realistic roles?
Submitted by Marcus Sabom
I honestly don't mind being type-cast as the badass girl or the sex kitten and playing it up. I'm just thankful to work as an actress at all. I do however, wish to explore all types of characters. I have been fortunate in that I've played some very different characters. I've played a wicked sex siren, an abusive alcoholic mother, a strong silent survivor, a sweet teenager, a deadly ghost zombie and a junkie whore. Right now I'm very excited to be working on a film called The Good Friend (which everyone should go "Like" on Facebook) where I get to play sexy, but also a vulnerable young woman, a supportive best friend and a cool college student all at the same time! My character, Megan, is multi-faceted and there's more to her than meets the eye.

14. If you could paint a house any colors inside and out, what would they be?
Submitted by Jennifer Elizabeth Simms
Oooh! I always wanted to live in a big white house with a red front door. And the inside walls would all be colored to suite the mood of the room. I'd have a pink boudoir, a slate grey living room with tons of photos on the wall, all in thick white frames. Red furniture. In the dining room, instead of paint, I'd have the walls lined with red velvet that is embossed with beautiful abstract designs. Ornate black candlebras on the walls.

15. If you could choose a personal hero, who would it be and why?
Submitted by Amanda Dyar
I know it's cliche, but my heroes are my parents. They overcame so much to insure that I had a wonderful, happy childhood. I always knew I was loved and supported. It's not every parent's dream to see their little girl grow up to be naked on the internet, but my parents are proud of my accomplishments and I know they just want me to be happy.

16. If you have to do a sex scene in a movie would you rather it be with a male or female, or no difference at all?
Submitted by Kevin Peach
Honestly, I'm more comfortable doing sex scenes with guys. My sexuality is complex and personal, but I will say that men are my preference.

17. If you could play ANY role in ANY movie, what would it be? (past, present, future, time travel to play in the original version or in a remake. doesnt matter)
Submitted by Dave Christy
This is a fun question! I would love to have played Milla Jovovich's character Alice in the Resident Evil films. My second choice would be to play Famke Janssen's role Jean Grey/Phoenix in the X-Men series. Both women were phenomenal in the roles, but I would love to play such a badass character in a hit franchise.

18. Are you ready to play a non- sexy role? You seem to be always cast as the sexy chick.( at least what I've seen) Are you ready to play a less glamorous role?
Submitted by Katherine Cooper
I'll refer back to question # 13. I've done some pretty unglamorous roles. If fact, I would venture to say that most of my roles haven't been super sexy. Having said that, I think I get what you mean on some level. I know I've gotten some roles because of my willingness to do nudity. I would love to play a romantic leading lady in a silly/sweet comedy. That would be a whole new world to me!

19. What does one mean when they say, "You're going to hell in a handbasket, son!" ?
Submitted by Heather Gear
Well, sometimes when someone is acting like a total assclown and doing some wrong-ass shit, you gotta call 'em out. I don't even believe in Hell, but it just seemed appropriate at the time. (For those who are totally lost, the questioner here, Heather is an old friend who once witnessed me yelling that phrase at someone.)

20. If you had to choose between Marylin Monroe and Elvira who would you rather have sex with?
Submitted by Ashley Marie Mitchell
I would definitely have to choose Marilyn. Elvira rocks, but Marilyn is a legend and when she was on top of her game, she was the most adorable woman on the planet. I like to think I've got a little Marilyn in me!