Friday, June 12, 2009

The Aviator

My computer is between two floor-to-ceiling windows. I never open the blinds. Mostly because I live my life in the dark hours. Right now though, it's that moment in the morning when the sun is moments from rising. It's dim outside, but the blackness of night has faded away leaving the world with that lovely blue tint. It's like looking through a photo filter. Nothing stirs in my world except for me and the chorus of birds outside that have just begun their morning song.

A few days ago I looked outside and noticed my dog was barking at the ground awkwardly. Just as I opened the door, to my horror, she grabbed the object of her interest in her teeth and flung it across the yard. A bird. It screamed. I screamed. We screamed. I raced over and shooed Violet into the house. I looked down at the frightened little aviator and my heart broke, because I was going to die. I scooped the little creature up into my hands and carried it out the gate, setting it beneath a tree where my dogs could no longer terrorize it. It saddened me that the bird was probably going to die there in the Texas heat, but I couldn't bear the thought of killing it myself. So I decided that nature would take it's course. I was comfortable with that.

Moments later, my friend Natalie arrives at my house. We chat and look stuff up online for a bit. She tries on some of my clothes for a party. After about an hour, she departs and I jump in the shower to ready myself for the party mentioned above.

I'm feelin' good and lookin' fine when Brooke and Tony arrive to pick me up for a night on the town. As we walk out to my driveway I see the little bird again. Only this time, it's a flattened smear on my driveway. Apparently, Natalie ran over it when she left my house.

I was sad, but also a bit relieved. At least it went quickly and did not have to suffer.

Natalie doesn't know.