Friday, February 18, 2011

Candle in the Wind.

You've waited and waited for a new post from me. Well, this one is a doozy! LOADS of pics! A Fan-Created Interview and the promise of much more fun stuff to come.

This is me with Christine. Yes, THAT Christine. As in The actual screen-used Plymouth Fury used in John Carpenter's film Christine. As in based on the novel by Stephen King.

Big love to Bill and Chris for coming all the way to Texas so I could play with Christine and major thanks to two of my favorite photographers for shooting us.

Now enjoy some photos by Kenny Haner of SubSociety Studio and Tony Rodriguez of Kitty5oh Studios.

*Yes, these photos are available for sale as autographed prints! Hit me up to buy*

**Click on a Photo to see it HUUUGE**

Painful. That is the best word I can think of to describe the past two months.

"I've been cheated. Covered in diamonds and covered in filth.But I'm still breathing. Yes, I've crawled on glass to grasp at straws...stuttering, staggering through. But I've pierced the last hole in my arm, to gouge out the pieces of you."

I'm on the long hard road out of hell right now. I still can't see the any light in this darkness, but I'm going to keep clawing my way upward. If I slide back down to the bottom, I'll get right up and try again. I've hurt and lost some people who are very important to me. But then, they've hurt me as well.

So I called this post "Candle in the Wind" because though she was a beautiful, talented genius...I don't want to end up like Norma Jean....or Marilyn Monroe as we know her. They made me change my name too.

I do interviews all the time. For websites and magazines and podcasts and shows. I recently asked my Facebook friends, fans and family to send me some questions of their own. I wanted to know what YOU ALL wanted to know. So here are my honest answers to the questions sent to me:

Question: "Why are you turned on by blood..gore, darkness ect?"
Submitted by Frank Leon Aguilera.
Answer: I think blood is beautiful. The color, the way it moves. If you've ever seen a large amount of blood exit your body (which I have), it's frightening and yet fascinating. Perhaps I feel this way because I've had a very strong interest in Vampires since I was a young girl. My love of all things dark and macabre is probably related to this. I do have to say though, I am NOT turned on by gore. I love a gorey horror movie, but I wouldn't say it turns me on.

Question: "Will you still be acting in movies at age 53? When u arrive in Hollywood will you fly me out there to serve you drinks & light your cigarettes? Will you ever go into "main stream" movies? And lastly--Do you wear t-backs or boxers or other?"
Submitted by Bacardi Dave
Answer: I hope to continue acting for the rest of my life and my ultimate goal is to make my living solely from this profession. You can serve me drinks anytime, Dave. But I like lighting my own smokes. I'd love to go into mainstream movies. Like I said, that's the dream. Oh, and I don't wear underwear.
Question: "From the various guises of "Roxy" that we have seen be it femme fatale, seductress, ingenue, fairy or vamp are any of these the real Roxy or are they individual pieces of the whole? Possibly the real you is something else entirely?"
Submitted by Tim Boyte
Answer: I love this question. And the answer is yes, they are all part of what makes up the person that I am. As humans, we are all multi-faceted. Some days I look in the mirror and think "Damn, I look good" and I strut my stuff. Other days I don't want to get out of bed. I've often been called a chameleon. My personality changes as my look changes. I am a femme fatale, I'm also a fairy. I'm woman who loves to seduce, and I'm a little girl who is uncertain and terrified. But some things never change: I am always honest and caring. I'll give you shirt off my back in a heartbeat.

Question: "Vag or Anal?"
Submitted by Craig Hart Christie Jr.
Answer: Uhhh....can't we do both?

Question: "If a movie was made about your life... whom would be your first choice to play the role of roxy vandiver, and what song would play during the closing credits?"
Submitted by Naomi Toledo
Answer: Well, assuming I'm not allowed to play myself, I think I'd choose Natalie Portman. I respect her so much as an actress. For the closing credits? Well, I'd either choose "The Fragile" by Nine Inch Nails or I'd have you write and record a song just for me!!!

Question: "The End of Days: You stand before a mirror and look back over your life. IF you could change ONE thing... And knowing had you changed it, the rest of your life would be affected in good ways and bad, happy or sad. Would you change it?"
Submitted by Char Hardin
Answer: This is probably not the answer anyone would expect, but if I could change one thing, I would have taken better care of myself physically. No drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes, and better food. I swear I'm too young to feel this old. And those things probably have a lot to do with it. (I know, that answer is totally boring...but it's true.)

Question: "Do you miss me as much as I miss you?"
Submitted by Crys Duncan
Answer: Abso-fucking-lutely. I miss the hell out of you. I want to dance to "Billie Jean" with you RIGHT NOW!

Question: "Would you ever allow someone to use you as their muse? Their creative spark? Think of you or their idea of you and use that as a creative engine to write, paint, whatever. Not neccessarily things about you either. "
Submitted by Lee Francis
Answer: I have been in an Artist/Muse relationship before. I don't think we realized it at the time, but that's exactly what it was. People often write me and tell me that I've inspired them creatively. I find it extremely flattering and I would love to continue to spark people to make art of any kind!

Question: "If you had the power to require every high school student to read one particular book before they could graduate, what would it be and why?"
Submitted by Dirty Boi
Answer: Fucking love this question. I think my choice would be William Golding's Lord of the Flies. I'm a reader, and I devour books like candy, but there are so many lessons in Lord of the Flies about life, society, and relationships. Lessons about being an individual, succumbing to a mob mentality and living with the aftermath of your actions. It may be a small book and only a junior high reading level, but at the end, when the main character is standing on that torched beach, it's as though you're standing there with him thinking, "How did it ever come to this?" It moved me.

Question: "Did you always want to be a model/actress/queen of all that is sexiness or was there something else you wanted to be when you were younger?"
Submitted by Jennifer Elizabeth Sims
Answer: Hehehe. I trained to be a competitive level gymnast for 10 years, but an injury ended my Olympic dreams. I always knew I wanted to be loved by the masses. I always knew I wanted to do something artistic, but I never would have dreamed that I'd end up working as a professional model or actress. I wanted to be a vampire. :)

Question: "If you were to ever meet yourself in a bar what would you think?"
Submitted by Sam Martinez
Answer: I'd probably think, "Damn! She's got wicked style. She's kind of a bitch though."

Question: "Do you bring out different personas when you do your photoshoots? And if so, which is your favorite?"
Submitted by Michael Carver
Answer: Absolutely yes. Modeling is not all that different from acting. Films are, afterall, just moving pictures. I like the Sex Siren, but I'll admit I do get bored with sticking out my tits and ass all the time. The photoshoots I like best are the ones that tell a story. I'd rather be the haunted, broken doll than the siren any day.

Question: "Favorite latenight snack?"
Submitted by Sam Tera
Answer: Vicodin. Naw, I'm kidding. (Mostly). I REALLY love to snack on fresh organic veggies and cheese cubes. Doritos are always good too. (I want some now).

Question: "What do you think is the most difficult thing about being a public figure?"
Submitted by Stephen Wilder
Answer: Probably the most difficult thing about being a public figure is that people forget one very important thing about you: You're a REAL PERSON. My Block List on Facebook is a mile long because I have to deal not just with pervy creeps, but also assholes who think they can just say whatever they want to me whenever they want. As though I have no feelings and insults don't hurt me. News Flash! I do have feelings and I do get hurt. I also have to be very careful when expressing personal opinions because people are very quick start internet wars with me.

Question: "You seem to live life portraying yourself as a vibrant, unique, colorful (keep the adjectives going) work of art. What is your greatest inspiration or reason for this?"
Submitted by Brent Champagne
Answer: I don't "portray myself" as vibrant, unique and colorful. I just AM those things and so much more. We all are. Do I want to entertain, amuse and inspire people? Of course! Do I want people to adore me and think I'm beautiful? Absolutely! The inspiration for this is the human need for approval that we all have inside. Everyone cares what people think on some level. (No matter what they say.) My inspiration for being a sensation is the love I get in return for enriching peoples' lives through my art.

Question: "If you could direct a photo shoot and the person you chose had to do anything you wanted, who would it be and all tha jazz?"
Submitted by: Holy Shit, I lost the name of the questioner. Eeek! Sorry!
Answer: Am I the model in the shoot? (I'm going to assume I am. ) I would want to photographed by the late Herb Ritts. His black and white photos of Madonna for the True Blue album sleeve have always been some of the most beautiful photos ever taken in my opinion. Here...I'll post one.

Question: "If you had the chance to go back and try it again, what profession would you like to do?"
Submitted by Sam Martinez
Answer: Fluffer.

Question: "What horror actress (alive or dead) would you want to work with the most?"
Submitted by Anthony MazzaraAnswer: Definitely Jamie Lee Curtis because she's the original Scream Queen!

Question: "What got you into film, or what keeps you in film?"
Submitted by David Norman
Answer: Honestly, at first...pure, dumb luck. Now, I like to think I have some talent and also, I'm fun to work with!

FINAL QUESTION: "Will you do my CD art?"
Submitted by Julin Jean
Answer: Yes. Call me, hawt stuff

Thank You to everyone who participated! I hope you enjoyed this!